Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club

About Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club

Glengowrie is a community based club for girls and boys from age 7 years to Opens (18 and over).

We aim to provide a caring, encouraging environment for children and young adults to make friends and have fun while learning new skills and gaining fitness and confidence.  We teach and encourage the importance of teamwork and good sportsmanship.


Vision Statement

The Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club is to be held in the highest regard, offering opportunities to play, coach, manage, umpire or participate at committee level, in a fun 'local club' atmosphere while competing at the highest level of netball.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club is to contribute to the sporting education and personal development of young people based on sportsmanship and team values, developing skills, match play, mutual respect and healthy participation in netball.


Commenced in 1961 as Dunleath Gardens  Girl’s Basketball  playing with the SA United Church Girl’s Basketball Association Incorporated (SAUCGBA). 8 teams were entered in the competition.


However, scholars from the Dunleath Gardens Sunday School were involved in teams playing the game with Glenelg Methodist earlier than this and the courts at Butler Crescent were used by them in 1956/1957.

In 1969, the name (Dunleath Gardens Methodist was changed to Glengowrie Methodist, still playing under (SAUCGBA). 6 teams were entered in the competition.


In 1971, the Association was changed to SA United Church Netball Association Incorporated (SAUCNA). Glengowrie Methodist had 6 teams entered in the competition.

In 1978, the name was changed to Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club. Glengowrie had 8 teams entered in the competition.


In the 1980’s the number of teams dropped off to just two teams (1984 and 1985) then gradually built up and hovered around ten during the 1990’s.

Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club has been one of the most successful clubs in this Association for many years, bringing home numerous Premierships and actively participating in the finals campaigns and other activities run by SAUCNA.


Clive Davis was involved with the club as Sunday School Superintendent for many years and was Club President from 1983 to 1992. In 1993 the Club Introduced an award in recognition of Clive’s work for the Netball Club. Clive Davis Award for the Best and Fairest Player for each team of the club.


Ruth Dennert has been Club Secretary from 1995 to 2012 and on the committee since 1985. Ruth started playing when she was 8 years old and has only had an absence of involvement for two years (1979 and 1980) returning as an umpire fill-in and player fill-in in 1981.


Angela Roberts has been Club Secretary from 2013.



Glengowrie Uniting Netball Club

33 Butler Cres,


South Australia 5044

Secretary: Angela Roberts

M: 0402 810 570